No Matter Your Political Affiliation

Many have died to preserve your right to vote.
Many of us take that for granted and/or are too lazy.
But we like to complain about our situation to everyone.
But not to the correct person(s) who may be able to change that.

Please take just a few minutes to read the mistake many are making
that effects all of us Working Class Americans
who are not making the same mistake.

The author here is not trying to persuade you to any party or person.
So if you are the type looking for controversy look somewhere else.

I do not normally like people reading off statistical data to me as
it always seems slanted or incomplete to match whatever they want to say.
But here are some facts that you may look-up yourself for your own area.
Ask your local Board Of Elections and compare to local demographic data.

About half of folks who could be registered to Vote, actually are.
Of that half, only about Half will turn out to actually vote during a
Presidential Election Year. The numbers are even lower in Non-Presidential years.

So who are the voters?
It does not matter. What does matter is this fact from the information above.
You are now looking at only 25% of the population ever turning out to Vote.
Now since it only takes a majority to win, you are looking at
ONLY 13% of the population deciding who is in office.

So why shouldn't the politician pay attention to the PAC
and the Special Interest Group?
They have money and money can change the way you think through advertising.
Look-up for yourself to see how much advertisement agency's make during
a Presidential Election year as compared to not. It is their "CASH COW".
And they only need to spend it to convince 13% on the population.
Why in the world should they worry what you think?
You, the Non-Registered, CAN NOT HURT THEM.
A good many of those voting, most likely have a minority interest through
Special Interest Groups.
If you were Registered, it would not be so cheap for them!
Even though most spend 200x or more the amount they will make in office
just to get there! 

So you don't need to be a Statesman but a good fund raiser!
You, the non-registered, have limited my choices.

Most of you reading this are most likely Working Class Americans,
And most of you are not registered to VOTE!
If this is you! You are letting them take advantage of ME!
As I am registered and do VOTE!
As I understood this concept as I explain it to you at a High School level.
Are you not smarter than you were in High School?
It could be that we are nothing but a number,
If you complain that the special interest group has too much power,  it is you who made it so.
Is it not time to stop making excuses and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?


And feel good about it!